West Caln Township

721 West Kings Hwy
PO Box 175
Wagontown, PA 19376


West Caln Township is located in beautiful Chester County, PA

Winter Roads

The West Caln Township roads crew works diligently to clear townships roads as quickly and thoroughly as possible.  Priority is given to emergency routes and high priority roads first. Cul-de-sacs and secondary roads will be cleared once the high-priority roads are passable.

 Please Remember

* To remove all vehicles from street parking.

* Do not throw snow into the roadway. You will be held responsible for damages caused by doing so.

* The township does not plow private roads.

* The township is not responsible for damage caused by snow or ice as it is thrown from the snowplow blade.

* Standard mailboxes & posts will be replaced by the Township ONLY if they are actually struck by the plow. We will not reimburse for custom  mailboxes or posts.  Mailboxes must meet the USPS installation requirements.

* Check that your mailbox  meets USPS requirements 

    Thank You & Drive Safely!

Important Dates

Planning Commission Meeting

Thursday February 2

Township Meeting

Wednesday February 8

Historical Society

Tuesday February 21

"Volunteer Military & Patriotism"

Township Meeting

Wednesday February 22



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