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Zoning and Conditional Use Hearings

Zoning Hearing Board Hearings

When you apply for a Zoning Hearing, you are asking the Zoning Hearing Board for some kind of relief from the Zoning Ordinance. The Zoning Hearing Board considers requests for Special Exception Uses and for Variances.

A Special Exception Use is a use which is not permitted as a right, but which, when provided for in the Zoning Ordinance and deemed suitable, with or without the imposition of conditions or restrictions under applicable standards, may be allowed by the Zoning Hearing Board after a public hearing.

A Variance is permission, approval or authorization granted by the Zoning Hearing Board for a modification of or deviation from the exact provisions of the Zoning Ordinance as applied to a specific parcel of property and not to be construed as a precedent. In order to obtain a Variance, you must show that there is some unique physical characteristic applicable to your property.

The burden of proof is generally on you and therefore you should bring whatever evidence you need to support your application and prove your case. You should bring a plan of your property, drawn to scale, showing all improvements on the property. The plan must show the location of the immediate neighboring houses and other relevant information. If you do not produce sufficient evidence to support your case, the Zoning Hearing Board may deny your application or choose to continue the hearing another night.


Conditional Use Hearings

When you request a Conditional Use Hearing, you are asking the Board of Supervisors to consider a use which is generally not appropriate to a particular zoning district as a whole, but which may be suitable in certain localities within the district only when specific conditions and factors prescribed for such cases within the Zoning Ordinance are present. Conditional Uses are allowed or denied by the Board of Supervisors after a public hearing, a review, and comments from the Planning Commission.